Colour Correction


Oops! Are you on need of some colour correction? Have you had a colour disaster? Did you make a mistake with a box dye?

Do. Not. Panic.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before!

Blond wavy hair with hidden panels


Our secret to dealing with colour correction in Bridlington is to stay calm and never judge anyone (the last thing you need is to be made to feel even worse). The good news is that our colour correction experts have seen it all, including:

Blondes with green tinges or other unexpected shades
Brunettes with an orange glow
Colour bands
Uneven application and patchiness
Damaged and broken hair

Colour Correction in Bridlington

We are the local experts in colour correction and we have seen plenty of women from Bridlington and further afield whose hair we have transformed.

Your colour correction journey begins with a consultation and a strand test to understand exactly what has happened.  We’ll then come up with a pathway to get your hair colour exactly where you would like it to be.

Correcting your colour mishap will usually take multiple appointments, but we will aim to make a dramatic improvement from your first visit. As a Goldwell-focussed salon, we follow their colour corrective process, which includes the miracle worker that is Bond Pro +!

We promise to manage your expectations and give you honest advice that will repair the colour and restore the quality of your hair.   It is why we have a well-earned reputation as Bridlington’s go to salon for colour correction.

Colour correction burnt orange



As a new client, you’ll be invited in for a colour consultation before your first colour appointment. We’ve got way too much integrity to just colour your hair without hearing about what you’ve had on it before and what results you’ve got in mind.


We’re subscribe to the Colour Start Passport, which means you’ll be able to do your own skin test using a very clever sticky plaster and logging your details online and can take your passport with you.

There’s a one-off charge of £15 for your Colour Start and we offer a click and collect service for locals, or we can post it out if you’re coming a little further afield.

You can read exactly how to get your Colour Start set up here, but if you’re feeling a little nervous about it or need more info, we’re here to hold your hand through the process.


While your colour is developing, you’ll be given a complimentary treat of a blissful hand and arm massage or the opportunity to relax your feet in a foot spa.